Servicing a Global Retail Network.

Built to improve the GoPro retail brand connection. A powerful tool that embodies the ability to monitor & define our retail presence as well as embrace our retailers like no other brand has done before.

Client: GoPro
Date: 2014 with ongoing quarterly updates.
Services: UX Design, Art Direction
Deployed in over 25 countries.
Scanned in over 25,000 stores.

Track and Manage PoPs

GoPro needed a way to track and manage their global network of Point of Purchase (PoP) displays to uphold brand guidelines, and combat their products being sold on the gray market. This app is localized in 10 languages and allows GoPro to not only manage their PoPs , but also demonstrate the power and reach of their global retail network.

Admin Portal

We also created a full admin portal so the team at GoPro could track and analyze all of the app data.